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Participate in the global discussion about the issues affecting all organisms and the environments where we co-exist.

Éléments clés

Positive and negative ions circulating in an environment.
Apply knowledge of species interactions to conserve natural resources and help keep Northern Ontario ecosystems in balance
An open book with a pen, inferencing a student formulating environmental research strategies.
Conduct research and create strategies to ensure the continued co-existence of all organisms within our environment
A map of planet Earth, indicating the possibility of participating in global conferences and seminars.
Participate on a global scale to address issues such as global resource allocation, conservation of species, and encourage ethical ecological practices

Perspectives de carrière

Ecological research, conservation, environmental consultation and park and wildlife management in universities, in the private sector and in government agencies.

Henri Lavallee

The Ecology program at Laurentian University provides an array of interesting courses in French and English. Many of these courses include field research opportunities in the bountiful nature which surrounds the main campus. The experience in field monitoring practices and ecological knowledge prepared me to work for private surveys and governmental agencies. However,  I believe that the most valuable aspect of my experience here has been exploring the Laurentian campus trails with the knowledge I gained in class

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