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Contemporary Issues in Social Policy

Involves an in-depth examination of the ideologicalunderpinnings, analytical frameworks andsocio-political contexts of social policy-making. Particular attention is given to the policy process at both the legislative and organizational levels. Students are encouraged to develop skills in the critical analysis of selected welfare policies in Canada such as policies in the areas of mental health, income security, child welfare, women?s services, and health care. PREREQ: SWLF 2106EL (min. 70%), SWLF 2107EL (min. 70%), SWLF 2315EL (min. 70%), 6 credits upper year PSYC, 6 credits upper year SOCI, STAT 2126EL, SOCI/PSYC 2127EL. (lec 3) cr 3

Social Work