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Radiobiology and Radiation Protection

This course provides an in-depth study of the radiobiological effects of ionizing radiation at the molecular, cellular, tissue and whole body-level. Topics include radiation effects in normal and malignant cell populations and tumour biology, radiation effects on tumours and probability of tumour recurrence, models of radiation cell survival, dose effects and therapeutic ratio, effects of total body irradiation, late effects of radiation, and normal tissue tolerance. The radiation protection portion of the course explores sources of radioactivity, radiation hazards, dose limitations and risks, administration and organization of radiation protection regulations, proper radiation protection practices, and personal and area monitoring for radiation exposure. PREREQ: PHYS 2506. (lec 3) cr 3. Crosslisted with RADS 3306. Students may not retain credit for both PHYS 3306 and RADS 3306.

School of Natural Sciences